A friend insists on the reality of "Spiritual Laws". "There are, "she says, "hundreds of them."

In the case of a physical law (i e a scientific hypothesis), it has to be open to falsification. We have to know what kind of evidence would show it to be false.

A scientist is hoping for falsification, since from the ruin of one law we can hope to construct a simpler law with wider explanatory power and less intrusive anomalies.

Two questions:-

What kind of test would potentially falsify a spiritual law (a para-scientific hypothesis)?

If we could test a spiritual law, and we found disconcerting anomalies, by what process would we form a simpler law, with wider powers of spiritual explanation?

If there is no clear way in which we can test the accurate relation between these laws and what they are laws of, then I would be left with uncertainties.

17th April 2002

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