the river
cradled by a wide green strath
beneath an even skyline of soft hills
with woods and meadows
flows east toward the sunrise
in generous curves

blue, pink, yellow
forget-me-not, valerian, tom thumb
sparkle between green alders
with wet feet in the bog
and the dry crunchy shingle
beside the silver stream

textures rippling, still
shimmering reflections
clear as glass
a maze of surfaces
in life and motion
trickle, babble, murmur and splash

watch the water
for any sign of life
mayfly, the silent rings
minnows slipping through the shallows
shadows under the wooded bank
a flash of silver

the boy
stands by the river
casting ....
scanning the pools
suspended in concentration
biding his time

the man
sits watching
listening to bird and stream
a cool cloud passing the sun
a breath on his skin
blue smells of summer

mind dissolves
the sensuous body
lives rich responsive
contact .... lies
between boy and man
a deep bond of contentment
in companionship ....

16th July 1990

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