By Rob Foxcroft

Listed in reverse chronological order. Last revised May 2003. Additions marked


24th March 1990

The Bird and the Needle
6th May 2003

Melting Stones
16th April 2002

Second Thoughts
29th December 2001

Focusophical Investigations
9th December 2001

20th July 2000

A Song for the Anima
20th July 2000

Six Poems
13th June 2000

28th May 2000

The Belonging
28th May 2000

For Mary (A Haiku)
27th May 2000

For Gene
27th May 2000

The New Society
26th May 2000

The Belonging, the Unknowing and the Anarchy
24th May 2000

25th October 1999

A Face
25th October 1999

14th November 1993

25th March 1993

Doors of Perception
18th February 1992

The Last Days
27th January 1992

25th December 1991

The Sea of Tranquillity
22nd December 1991

In Memoriam
4th August 1991

20th June 1991

Son of Man
20th June 1991

22nd December 1990

A Desert Place
19th December 1990

The Moving Finger
3rd December 1990

Dover Beach
13th November 1990

Down by the Riverside
16th July 1990

Metta Bhavana
28th June 1990

27th June 1990

27th June 1990

27th June 1990

Letting Go
27th June 1990

16th July 1990

The Seasons
23rd March 1990
(written on my Mother's birthday)

Author and Poet
19th December 1989

Sabbath Morning at Peace
11th August 1989

Epistle to a Chicagoan
15th August 1988

10th August 1988

A Damp Squib
19th September 1987


.... "So What is Focusing, anyway?" ....
24th January 2002

Socrates Gendlin and the Question of Absurdity
28th October 2003

Focusing, Culture and Philosophy
2nd November 2003

Of Love and Foolishness
6th May 2003

Some Modes of Being-With
22nd April 2003

Three Words about Grief
22nd April 2003

Spiritual Practice and Betrayal
8th April 2003

What is Belonging?
8th April 2003

The word "Spiritual"
13th January 2003

On Being the Stone Which Has Melted
18th April 2002

Spiritual Laws
17th April 2002

Values and Variations
18th February 2002

A Secret Agent
12th February 2002

The Famous Ti-Do problem
11th February 2002

The Practice, and the Thought Behind It
3rd February 2002

16th January 2002

Choosing to be Tortured
16th January 2002

Two Truths
6th January 2002

Is it Karma? Or is it Merely Callous?
28th December 2001

The Five Confucian Virtues
28th December 2001

The Cumbrae Experience
28th November 2001

Flying to Conferences
2nd August 2001

Needs And Tendencies, Aptitudes and Preferences
29th July 2001

Focusing Interactively
27th July 2001

Buddha Nature
16th March 2001

Mary McGuire - an Appreciation
16th March 2001

Focusing and Values
2nd August 2001

Being with
19th December 1990

Music, Language and Performance
22nd June 1990

A Letter to my Fellow Students
21st November 1989

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