My dear Mary

How I miss you!

It was over 10 years before I realised that what I most value and fight for within our Focusing world is a marriage between great simplicity and great directness, which has been your special contribution and gift to us all.

By simplicity I mean paring everything down to its essentials, and using words which are plain and clear.

By directness I mean great warmth of heart, great humanity.

It's truly characteristic of how you are and who you are, that it's been so discreet, so invisible: so that I never said, "This is what Mary gave me". I never found an ego there, saying "This is MY contribution to Focusing", and so didn't notice any aspect or quality as being uniquely yours.

This invisibility of yours is wonderful to me, just as much so as the warmth and simplicity - so that it turns out I have to thank you for three wonderful gifts, and not just for two.

With much love, as always - Rob

16th March 2001

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