21st November 1989

Because it seems like you're all a long way away
and because December seems a long time ahead
and I should like to feel still in touch

because it seems to me that we are not only together
to seek healing each for some deep personal hurt
but also because we have a courage of adventure
and it is mainly in such voyages into inner space as ours
that I can see hope for the survival of any of us

and because these sentences following affect me deeply
with a powerful sense, how hard it is in a crazy world
which seeks to prevent us from being
for me or for any of us to nourish our own being
and follow our own sense of direction

therefore I am sending them to you :-

"In this particular type of journey, the direction we have to take is BACK and IN, because it was way back that we started to go down and out. They will say we are regressed and withdrawn and out of contact with them. True enough, we have a long, long way to go back to contact the reality we have all long lost contact with. And because they are humane, and concerned, and even love us, and are very frightened, they will try to cure us. They may succeed. But there is still hope that they will fail."

R.D.Laing - The Politics of Experience

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