Welcome to Focusing in Scotland!


I am deeply interested
in the rejected and unlived
the shadow-side
in anger, fear and sadness
in visions, dreams and shamanism
in family patterns
in the art of communication
in letting an action step come
in a response which is freshly felt
in the clear light nature of mind
in the meaning of love

I teach piano-playing, write poems and articles
and I used to build dry-stone walls
I have been teaching Focusing since 1987.

Rob Foxcroft
Focusing Consultant

A Very Simple Practice
Basic training in Focusing and Listening

The Focusing Institute

Introduction to A Process Model

Training Courses
Further training with the Scottish Focusing Association

Focusing and the Power of Philosophy
The Cumbrae experience 2001

An Earlier Form of Focusing
(Word .DOC download)

For other information about Focusing or Dream Interpretation, contact Rob:
phone: +44 141 943 1449
or email rob@werewolf.ws

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