"Toast," said Aloysius Nuttercrumb, as he ate some apple pie. He had no particular reason for saying "toast", he just wanted to. He continued crumbling his apple pie into his father's slippers, and then decided to go out and give the school bully a little tip off.

They had a Greek lesson in school that morning, and our friend Mr Nuttercrumb bet the school bully 5 that the bully would get a higher score than him. He promptly won the 5, by disrupting the lesson, by doing some DIY on his pen, which destroyed it.

He then was sent out to the playground, and then amused himself as usual by trying to turn on the school fire hydrant. He succeeded.

"Wet, wet, wet, wet, wet!" went Mr Nuttercrumb, as he went flying up in the air for the goodness-knows-how-manyeth time in his lifetime. He found, from where he was sitting on his fountain, that he was able to see into the teachers' room, also a classroom and the headmaster's room.

An alarm had been fixed to the fire hydrant since last time, and the entire fire station turned up, trying to find out what was on fire.

Without thinking, they saw Aloysius up on his fountain, and immediately tried to get him off it by blasting him with water. The enormous blasts of water failed to shift him. All that happened was that the fire fighters got very wet, as a result of getting all the water that was in his mouth fired out at them!

"I'm wet," said Aloysius, after some consideration. Then he got down from his fountain, landing on the school bully and a 5 note.

Then he set off home, and crumbled some more apple pie.

The End

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