Urms is an alien. He lives on planet Planet. He's all pink, he's got a radio aerial sticking out of his head, and his head looks like the Eiffel Tower.

Planet is all red, and is made out of a metal called planite. The sea there is as hard as rock, but the land is swishy, like the waves on Earth. If you set off from the very middle of Australia, going straight upwards in a space rocket, it's in the second galaxy on the left.

One day, while doing nature study for his school (he's only a boy alien after all), he came to Earth, and he collected a human. Then he went back to planet Planet and won the Frogglegloop Award. This is the main award in his school. It's metal, pure frogalite.

He then goes back to Earth for another female human. Now he's got a male and a female. And they breeded.

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