Once upon a future there was a sponge. It lived in a goldfish bowl in a family of Foxcrofts. Eleven years before, in 2002, it had been given to Joyce Foxcroft by Ewan Foxcroft. This sponge, at this point (in 2013), was about to unleash spongic death.

This sponge, having radio communication with all of the other sponges, was well aware of the plan and when it was to be unleashed. It was to be scheduled and poised with each sponge armed with invisible fire power to annihilate the human beings.

The sponges set off out of the oceans and into two feet of snow wherever they went. Only the house sponges were able to complete the operation and it looked like the Foxcrofts were in severe danger.

But there was one human being who knew about the plan. This was young Ewan Foxcroft and he halted the annihilation plan of their particular sponge by chucking his mother into the bath with it.

Then Ewan went straight to his personal lap-top in the attic which had a thought radiation device and a virus programme which had been poised for ten years. The red button had been prepared since it was bought - and then he clicked it. The short circuit device lit up, the malfunction distracter lit up, and poor Ewan was blasted backwards from his machine.

Cursing, Ewan got up and marched towards his machine again. He activated the lap-top and dealt with the little message which had popped up. Then he whacked the button again. Success! The inside of his head suddenly felt very cool and a computeristic voice said, "You are not a sponge."

The same thing happened to everything which wasn't a sponge. The sponges had a little voice in them saying, "Retreat. Retreat. Retreat." The plan was destroyed.

The End

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