by Ewan Foxcroft

June 22nd, 2002

Once upon a time there was a sausage.
It was a very cute little meat sausage.
It lived inside a mole hill or should I say a sausage hill.

One day it sent a letter to its friend.
The friend wasn't in,
so the post sausage popped it through the letterbox.
The friend was posting a letter to the other sausage
when the post sausage arrived.

Then the sausage decided to send a letter to another friend,
who wasn't a sausage.
He was a pig.
Then the pig decided to send a letter to him.

Then the post sausage came up with a leg injury.
Then the sausages and the pig went to the church.
The church was an extremely old place,
and had a nice priest sausage in it.

Now the priest sausage was praying to the God sausage.
But when the pig arrived he said he would pray
to both the God sausage and the Pig sausage.
I think I meant to put the God pig.

Then the first sausage wanted to go for a walk in the woods.
There he met the post sausage.
He had just come out of the sausage hospital,
and he was feeling much better.

They went for a walk together in the woods.
Then they went back to the first sausage's house
and had some sausages.

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