Once upon a time a laboratory scientist was trying to find a fuel for a time machine. He put something together, and poured it into the machine. Alas, he had put an accidental dose of arsenic in, which was deadly to the machine.


Time was mixed! All scientists died in the successive blasts of the exploding laboratory. Later the whole building blew into the exploding heavens. Eventually the whole block blew into gas fire.

But the time machine had left one explosion still to go off. There was a little galaxy-shaped thing spinning around the laboratory. This explosion would be the biggest and most powerful of all. It found a suitable fire to land in, and


The whole world felt that explosion. Time was in control now. Peculiar looking bandits came out of a huge whirlwind in the sky. Strange monsters flying out of the whirlwind, peculiar weapons, large buildings, and then eventually as the last thing was about to come out, when it came out a terrific explosion exploded from out of the earth. A huge forest had landed in the middle of New York, sword-armed goblins were beating up Zambia, and Charles Darwin was studying the evolution of robots in Scotland.

Time was a mess!

Not only had all this occurred in the world, but the fourteenth century was flying about everywhere. It was havoc! People found bits of themselves sticking in trees, where the trees had appeared from. Cars were kebabbed on huge oaks, Land Rovers had beeches sprouting through them, and stretch limos had at least three trees in them of different types, and so on.

Then one thing which there seemed to be only one of appeared. It was not a mere ghost, but the actual time machine which caused this whole affair.

One scientist, after doing some studies, worked out that the only reason the thing was there at all was that there had to be two time machines exploding at the same time for the disaster not to happen. So the time machine had to blow up two times.

So this young scientist seized a barrel of pure liquid arsenic, and this barrel! He emptied the whole barrel into the time machine, and when the last drop went in,


There was a backwards explosion. Soon, there was only a star with bent edges in the sky, spiralling in on itself, bringing all the things that were not part of the timed day into itself, destroying them, and massing up an enormous chain-reactive explosion. When the spirals came together, they formed a star for about one second, and


Everything was back to normal. The laboratory was all OK. And in it a clever young scientist was pouring an arsenic solution into a time machine….

The End

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