To Mum,
with heartfelt love,


Once upon a now there was a family of three. They were Rob, Joyce and Ewan Foxcroft. They lived in a battered old house - over one hundred years old.

What made up for the house being so decrepit, was that it was so tidy! Joyce was the mother of the family, and her word was law. Either that, or something much more important. Everything was tidy and spruce and clean. Something wasn't in its place for too long, one word, and it immediately was.

One day it was Joyce's birthday. Everything was extra specially tidy as usual. She woke early, full of excitement and happiness. Then she went into the hall, where a Birthday Tree was set up. Underneath it were lots of lovely presents.

Half a dozen salutes later, she opened all her presents, and they were as follows:-

Then there were the presents from the family.

Here is the Rob list:-

Here is the Ewan list, as follows:-

'Twas a very joyous birthday for all. And as Joyce went to sleep that night, she thought, "What a nice day I've hadů."


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