Once upon a time there was a fudge factory. It had molten rivers of fudge, and a whole mountain made out of it, so they could have little fudge avalanches. There was a whole town made out of it, except the people!

One day the machine blew up. There was fudge everywhere. The people were making peculiarly loud noises, which would have been screams if their mouths weren't filled with fudge! The masses of fudge hitting them were so hard that three people fell into a fudge river, and another one got covered by an avalanche coming off the mountain.

The town was shaking. Buildings were being knocked down, windows were crashing to the floor, and fudge motorbikes were being knocked over.

But then a portable magician came along and fired his magic wand. He fired all the fudge back into the machine, and fired the machine together.

Then the owner came up with a large fat cheque made out of fudge, written in molten fudge ink with a pen made out of fudge, which the magician took to the Fudge Bank and turned into money.

Then he went away.

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