Try imagining a great big serpent, called the Ewanosaurus, bigger than Safeway, breathing fire.

The serpent is attacking a boy. "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! Desist, desist, stop, no, halt!" shouts the boy.

It destroys Safeway by sitting on it.

Then a fakir comes along on his flying carpet, a little brown man in a loincloth, on a black carpet. He picks up the serpent with his fakirial powers, and carries it away magically. He then drops it in the lake from whence it came, and it disappears.

When the boy grows up, he goes off to find the serpent. He takes his bazooka, and a secret map which the fakir gave him. It's got a little magical compass on it, and a little straight red line pointing to a lake.

He goes into the lake and bazookas the monster.

The End, nearly.

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