A little silly in his ways, with a sense of humour which I think must have previously come from a wombat. Unfortunately he has this queer eye problem, causing him to be blind in one eye. He can be a little explosive when annoyed.

He has a great problem though. He doesn't follow the Ewan System of reading books. He buys lots of millions of books, and reads them all once: the Ewan System turning out to be, you have a few books and read them lots of times.

You would hardly notice any relationship between Daddums and me, if you saw us at a party and never got introduced.

I am running out of things to say about my Daddums, so I'll start on me.

I am pretty explosive too, but in a different respect. How you would tell the difference between our explosive personalities is simply this: Daddums's explosive personality is kind of like the "You've got 10 seconds before I blow my stack!" sort of thing; my explosive personality is my imagination having the ability to blow everything in sight to bits.

Signed - Ewan Foxcroft

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