'Twas a bright sunny day, and the trees were in bloom, and the birds were in the trees, and the wrestlers were in the ring. One particular wrestler is the one we have in mind.

Samson Trojan was the strongest man in town. His strength was all due to eating steak and kidney pie every day*. He had a leopard skin over head and body, and had bare feet for quickness.

His arch-enemy was quite a strong fellow himself. Certainly this Mr Gregorious Crow was quite large in the biceps department, but he wasn't anything on old Samson.

'Twas the day of a fight atween these two opponents. Their ring had seats for a thousand people.

They lunged. It's a small sentence, but it has a lot of meaning.

They tore at each other. They hit, they punched, they tore, they bit, they pulled, they shoved, they kicked and they threw.

Half a short hour later, Gregorious was in the hospital, getting a few bones relocated, while Samson collected the prize and money.

The End.

* Like Desperate Dan in The Dandy, except Dan had cow pie.

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