31st July 2003

Scene One

It starts at the bottom of a path, and we’re going up the path in a red and white Land Rover. Half way up we meet a large off-colour purple van. From in front of this step out two men. One is very very tall and very very thin. The other very very short and very very stubby. The thin one is called Fred. The other one is called Jake.

We go into the back of their van. They give us their solar chip. Joyce gets stuck in odd corners. She says it is good for her. We drive on.

Scene Two

We are on a luxury cruise liner. Rob is wearing a brown coat, with a sort of grey shirt thing underneath it, and green trousers. Joyce has gone off to her cabin. I am wearing a black silk coat and a black completely round bowler hat. We are chasing the solar chip, which is being dragged around the wetness of the metal catwalk around the boat. The banisters are also very slippy, and we are being dragged along by the wind. In some places there are no banisters.

I am sliding along the banisters full tilt after the chip. I cannot actually see the chip, but I am chasing it nonetheless.

Some way along, I manage to lose Rob, and going back to find him, my hat comes flying off. It lands just behind me, but I go back for Rob without the hat anyway. I find him. We go back to the spot where my hat fell off. I pick it up, and put it on. Then the chase is on again.

Scene Three

There is a dam. It has somehow contrived to attach itself to the liner. My hat has gone - it is presumably in my cabin. Me and Rob have just walked from a little path to the left hand side in front of the dam. I am holding the solar chip. After one minute’s contemplation, I throw the chip into the water.


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