For Granny Haynes,
on Friday 12th July 2002

Love, Ewan

Once upon a time there was a little old lady. And the little old lady lived in a lovely little wooden house. It had a very nice garden, which was full of delphiniums in summer. The garden also had a nice pond, full of cute little frogs.

One day the little old lady went out of her little old house. And she found a large frog which she hadn't seen before. And she found the little frog trying to dig a hole.

And she helped the little frog dig his hole.

So the little frog waved its right forefinger which happened to be a magic finger. And the garden (it was winter, so the garden had no flowers) burst into flowers.

There were delphiniums and grapes, which the little old lady hadn't seen before. There were chrysanthemums, there were oak trees, there were strawberries, there were tulips, there were daffodils, there was meadowsweet, there were roses. There was a king where the frog had stood. He was very old and had a beard. It was a very white beard, and his right forefinger had a magic ring, which had turned him into the frog. He was smiling and very happy.

So then the little old lady invited the king in to tea. When they got in the house, there was a heap of gold bars on the table. "My repayment," said the king.

BANG! The king exploded, back into a frog. Then he got up onto the table, drank some tea, and hopped away outside, back to his hole.

The little old lady looked at where the frog had been when it turned into a frog, and there was a little green ring there, and a message flew through the window. It said:

Thank you, little old lady.

This is for you.
It is the ring of immortality.

King Frog

So the little old lady put the ring of immortality on, and lived forever to look after the little frog.

The End

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