in such anger
as when Achilles saw Patroclus slain
rose I this dawn

an iron seal
with muddy shit and sewage
breaking through


a Feydeau farce
of thefts, bedrooms and concealments
silly, giggling, effeminate

a flight by fields and woods
running scared
hands to earth like a dog

ducking a low fence
where others came before

dusty trail
on yellow grass
under bare branches

where the hunted fox
again and again and again
breaking all patterns against pursuit

in such bitterness of soul
of half a life
drowning and snatching air

the spider's web
of sticky sugared threads
bound all about


all the mothers of the world

all the fathers'
embittering enfeebled
orphan souls

1000 sons
rotting in treacle
in childhood snared

who never sailed
to fight the fields of Troy

well may grief rage:

the heart awakened
the heart poisoned

the blood has fires
of which the heart knows nothing ....

14th November 1993

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