things to do Telford

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Are you looking for fun activities to do in Telford? Whether it’s a first-time visit, you’re on a local tour, or are just cruising through, there are numerous fun things that you can indulge in while in Telford. Regardless  of your age, gender, tastes and preferences; there’s something awesome for everyone. In this post, we have listed down some fun things you can do in Telford whether alone, with family, or with your kids.

Family visits

Telford is home to the Iron Bridge and Tollhouse. The Iron Bridge has been designated as a UNESCO heritage site. Even though mines and factories that gave the town its rise earlier on are inactive, visitors can still explore these relics and have great time

Visitors can also explore museums and buildings to gather more information about the history and evolution of technology there. Guests can also indulge in River Kayaking cruises.

Furthermore, there are cafes and quaint shops for those who want to relax and enjoy the ambiance of the River Severn. It’s also a great place to meet new people and learn a thing or two about the local culture.

It might seem absurd that an organization dedicated to tiles is considered an attraction site in Telford! Yet, the first footstep at the door of the museum will unravel the reason why it is one of the must-visit places in the town. The tile was significant in Jackfield, which was the main center of the tile industry in the world.

The museum is well fit in the historic tile works, where there is the preservation of ancient showroom, workroom, and boardrooms. Visiting this place is an excellent tour of history. There are various exhibits on the different types of tiles.  

Also, they avail information on the different developed tile decorations that are in place. They also provide a tile decorating workshop for those that want to customize their tiles during the visit.

Are you looking for the best place to have fun with your family in Telford? The Telford town park provides something unique to children and adults alike. There is a whole package of amusements for children and families, as it is home to a playground, an arcade, an ice rink, an amusement center, and even a bowling alley. Adults will be able to spend most of the time outdoors.

There is a lot more to discover as you venture further into the park. Taking strolls beside the lakes or going into the woods to spot different animals is fun! The golf course and designated areas are suitable for children and adults to go hiking or cycling. Not forgetting, families who have dogs can bring their pets here.

Toddler visits

This fantastic wonderland is in Telford Town Park. Stepping into this Lewis Carroll-themed mini enjoyment park, you find yourself in a complete ride to the wonderland. The feeling is both memorable and thrilling.

Apart from its ‘’Alice in wonderland rides’’ it also has an indoor play barn. The picnic area inside the small amusement park is a full package for those who want to enjoy their meals here.

For kids who love animals visiting the Hoo Farm, Animal Kingdom is a great idea. Several fascinating creatures live in this kingdom and kids can play, pet, and even feed some of them.

Visitors can also take strolls along the woodland trails there. Staff members offer fulltime services to visitors. The staffs are available to answer any queries and give directives to guests. Guests can carry their food or buy at the cafes on the farm.

  • Get to the lakeside animal park

Taking the kids and family to the Lakeside animal park is more interesting. The mini animal park offers a sizable number of critters. There are professional staffs who provide more information about the animals found in this park.

The fun-favorite attraction at this place would be the Meerkat Experience, where they can play with the critters. They do not charge any entrance fee into the park, but they accept donations.

Other places to visit

  • Find inspiration at the Wrekin

The Wrekin a 350meter (1,335 foot) tall hill, is one of the famous landmarks of Telford. According to history, it was used by J.R.R. Tolkien in writing novels. Those who love adventures can climb the Wrekin using the path to the top.

Picturesque sights of the surrounding area will reward the efforts of climbing the hill. It is essential to carry your water for a refreshment after the long walk.

Want to know more about life history? Visiting Weston Park can be a great source of information about life during the 17th century. It has a 17th-century country home as its centerpiece.

The seventh Earl of Bradford donated the property to the state which converted it to a park. The home has a unique art collection including portraits from 17th to 20th centuries. Visitors can also take strolls along the well-maintained gardens, visit the garden house, the Orangery, and the lake.

For those who have a desire for spending time outdoors surrounded by nature, then Apley woods is the best place to visit. The forests feature various types of trees, a duck pond and several wooden sculptures scattered in the area.

Not forgetting, there are well-endowed pathways to make the woods more accessible, and it can also accommodate wheelchairs. It’s a must-visit for photography fans, owing to its picturesque surroundings.

Charming and classic

Telford offers its visitors a package of old-world charm. Provides the opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in the history and nature of the town. There are more events and bests picks to experience in Telford. Visit Telford to enjoy its quaint surroundings and laid-back atmosphere.