Telford wonderland

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Wonderland is at the centre of Telford Town Park, which sits on 450 acres of land. The Park is Warden controlled and gives awesome play equipment to all the ages, from giant slides, cycle paths, trim and nature trails. Telford Ice Rink, Tenpin Bowling and Telford shopping centre are situated a short walk from the park play area.

In magical Wonderland, you will see your favourite characters in fairy tales and their houses in each corner. Get your way in the Wonderland Maze to enjoy indoor soft play and free rides, in natural woodland set inside 9 acres. It can be a wonderful day out for school groups, holiday clubs, mums and toddlers or guide associations that are pre-booked. It is open throughout the year.

Contact and Hours of Operation

It is situated in Telford, Dark Lane, Road of Hinkshay, Dawley, Telford. Email to use is Telephone contact is +44 1952 591623.  Tickets can be purchased online or 2 hours before the close time at the gate. Opens from 10.30 am and closes at 4 pm or 5 pm depending on certain days.

Car Parks

Please note that Wonderland does not have car parks. The closest car park can be found on Hinkshay road and charges are applicable. A number of car park areas are available for visitors to park.  The long-stay car parks (3 hours plus) are in Cherry Pink Multi-Storey and Brown Elm. 3 hours and fewer car  parks are Ash Grey, Red Oak and Yellow Beech.

Catering Areas

There are three different outlets for catering which open at different times all year through though either one will be open for you to purchase food when you visit. One can bring a picnic that cannot be eaten in any of these outlets.

  • Fairy Tale Fryer

This outlet serves some fast food for easy and quick refreshments.

  • Castle Play Area

It serves sandwiches, jacket potatoes, pastries and some small refreshments to be enjoyed in your trip day.

  • Winter Warmers

Operates during the Christmas time and offers a selection of hot drinks and soups, pastries and sandwiches.

Special Offers

A special group rate is given to families of registered child-minders; Emergency Services/Armed Forces and employees of National Health Service.  The guests of The Park Inn Hotel and PACE Gym members get free entrance when a valid ID is shown for five people. The discounts are only granted to the customers who have valid employment ID proofs. Wheelchair users are free though you need to note Wonderland is found in natural woodland and some wheelchair users can find it difficult. A discount of 10% is awarded to any TLC cardholder.

Wonderland hosts Winter Wonderland and Halloween Extravaganza events which are done through bookings only. In order not to miss out on these much-adored events, you can purchase the tickets from the website

There is always something to do and see whatever the weather, in the award-winning park.