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Do you own a home in Telford, or are you a tenant? Are you looking for tips on how to keep such a home in pristine condition 2019? There are numerous home maintenance services around, and it can be challenging to understand which one suits you best. Poor maintenance will often lead to costly repair damages and other inconveniences. From central heating leaks to blocked drains and gutters, to stained walls and so on; regular home maintenance in Telford will go a long way in helping your home maintain an optimum state for many years.

Here are regular house maintenance exercises you should never forget;

  • Domestic cleaning and home support

Cleaned with Care is a professional cleaning company in the UK; they specialize in offering holistic and thorough cleaning services. Get those bricks and stones cleaned professionally to rid them of any graffiti and stubborn stains. You should get these Brick and wall cleaning services at least two times a year.  The company will carry out various cleaning tasks like home cleaning, garden cleaning, gutter cleaning, help with laundry and ironing, carpet cleaning, just a few but to mention. They provide one of the best home maintenance services in Telford.

  • Electrical inspections

A loose wiring, wrong fuse, damaged main socket or appliance, no earth continuity, frayed leads, bare wires, loose screws, Central heating leaking, multi-socket extension faulty; these are some of the common electrical hitches in most homes. Every once in awhile, get a professional, qualified electrician to come and inspect your home. It will help avert electrical related damages and losses.  The inspections will entail checking all electrical appliances, electrical wiring, carbon/ monoxide alarm tests and many more

  • Gutter cleaning services

Clean the gutter before heavy rains will help avoid blockage. A large percentage of damaged property siding is a result of blocked or faulty drains. Overflowing and leaking gutters are the primary reason for damp and mold issue with UK homes.

That means that you may need exclusive gutter cleaning services by use of traditional methods such as hand or modern techniques by the use of machines. So if you aren’t ok with the noise caused by tools and generators, you can opt for the traditional DIY method.

Gutter cleaning services also entail the repair of damaged or broken gutters, down spouts or brackets. Hence you can have a clean and well-maintained home for both visitors and family.

  • Repainting the home

Repainting the walls makes the house look like a new one. Many homes appear old due to the poor painting of walls and the accumulation of dust. Home repainting services avail exclusive modern repainting of walls regardless of the number of years the house has staid.

The services range from painting external and internal walls, ceilings, doors, frames, and skirting. It works best in giving the house a professional finish. The use of quality premium paint that provides a greater depth of color, long life span, and durability, is an added advantage.

  • Plumbing and leak detection services

Leak detection services come in handy in preventing small leaks from spreading or escalating. If you have bathtub overflow, water tank overflow leaking, overflow taps then you need the ‘find and fix’ leak detection services.

Plumbing and leak detection services ensure that they provide a non destructive solution to find leaks in your home. The use of specialized equipment in finding hidden water leaks quickly and accurately in any pipework and heating system is extremely professional.

  • Hedge and lawn trimming

 An untrimmed hedge is home to rodents, mosquitoes, etc. makes your home look neglected. If you are looking for ground maintenance services, the fence and lawn trimming will do wonders. It’ll prevent broken branches from damaging the inside of your property. Manicured shrubs and hedges are also more viable and environment-friendly than manufactured fences. Moreover, hedge cutting and lawn trimming services improve the health of the plants.

You need hedge and lawn trimming services because such have the right tools to do the job in an efficient and professional manner. Hedge and lawn trimming companies in Telford are equipped with professional staff to attend to your needs.

The hedge trimming services go beyond the realms of cutting and also act as consultants. They help shed light on designs and options in case you have sick trees and damaged fences. Consult a hedge and Lawn trimming services in Telford in order to ensure that your garden and trees are in top condition.  

  • Repairs and renovations

Renovations and repair entail a full range of services ensuring that each project is 100% to your satisfaction. The thing with home renovations is that yopu don’t have to wait until it is too late. Get a regular maintenance guy to fix broken items as soon as they occur. This way, you’re always ahead of your game and your home will always look nice and attractive.

  • House cleaning services

Telford is home to many house cleaning companies; get in touch with one for regular and thorough cleaning services.  These companies assist modern families in the day to day house chores like carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, wall cleaning and stain removal, graffiti removal, and so on. Most families strain to balance between job and family; home cleaning services can step in for all your domestic cleaning. Whatever your need is available weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even a one-off deep clean. The good thing with a cleaning company is that they do a thorough job of cleaning everything and everywhere; washing grime off tiles, cleaning stained walls, cleaning the loft, carpet vacuuming, you name it.

So you have no excuse, try the above home maintenance tips and your Telford home will always be a place you’re proud of. Take control of your home’s appearance by trying out the above. Telford is home to many reputable and professional home cleaning companies, leak detection companies, home renovation companies, electricians, and many more. You can never go wrong with these companies, they’re true partners in helping maintain your home.